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How to setup the Steel Gauges on WeeWx

The gauges are available for download from here on github click on the download zip on the right hand side.

Connect to your weewx via winscp or whatever your using and create a folder underneath your skins directory called: ss

Then as explained in the given instructions in the zip (info copied from there)

Extract the zip package and:

copy weather_server/WeeWX/skin.conf WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/

copy weather_server/WeeWX/index.html.tmpl WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/

copy weather_server/WeeWX/gauge-data.txt.tmpl WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/

copy web_server/css folder to WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/

copy web_server/scripts folder to WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/

we need to edit: WEEWX_SKINS_DIR/ss/scripts/gauges.js

weatherProgram : 6
imgPathURL : ''
stationTimeout : 10             // set to twice archive interval, in minutes
showUvGauge : true or false     // false if there is no UV sensor
showSolarGauge : true or false  // false if there is no solar radiation sensor

add a SteelSeries section to StdReport in weewx.conf

        skin = ss
        HTML_ROOT = public_html/ss

The path on HTML_ROOT = public_html/ss may need to be altered to match your setup.

Then restart server:

service weewx stop
service weewx start

You should be now able to access your gauges from http://your-server-address/ss once the gauges have been generated.

You'll need to create a link from your main page to the ss page so people and reach it.

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