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Preparing a Raspberry Pi for install of WeeWx

Get the kit together

If your starting out a good place to find lots of good Raspberry Pi stuff is:

I don't have anything to do with these myself, other than I buy stuff from them and always been good.

If you are buying a new Raspberry Pi board, then get the version 2 as it's the latest.

Get yourself a case, I prefer the ones that are wall mountable in case you want to get it off the floor or desk. Be careful because the older B cases are not compatible with the B+/2 boards.

Get a good quality 2amp power supply (else your likely to run into stability problems) look here

Next you need a good quality microSD card, the card will have a lot of writes to it and cheap sd cards can't cope with this and fail prematurely.

The microSD card must be a class 10 or better and I'd recommend a 16GB card as it will last longer. Use a good quality brand, like Samsung maybe Lexar or Sandisk.

You'll also need a usb microSD card reader to write the operating system to the card.

You'll also need an ethernet cable to go between your Raspberry Pi and your router/network switch.

Writing the SD card

Get Minibian downloaded and extract the image file, if you using windoze then you could use something like 7-zip to do the extracting.

Now insert your microSD card into the card reader and look at these instructions on how to write the image. If these instructions are too difficult to follow use google.

A word of warning: If you write the image to the wrong drive (ie not the sd card) you will likely overwrite your PC's hard drive with the image. Rendering your computer inoperable and all data lost. You have been warned!!

Once the SD card is written, eject it and pull it out of the card reader.

Now insert card into the Raspberry Pi and insert the ethernet cable from your network and plug in the power (micro usb port).

It should now boot up.

Accessing the Raspberry Pi with ssh

The Pi obviously has no keyboard, mouse, screen. We call this headless.

Now we need to use ssh to get to the Pi across the network.

If your a linux user then you likely know all about this already, so I won't go into it for linux. Just Windoze.

For windows we need a small program to access the pi called putty. Download it from here. You need the first putty.exe download on the page. Save that somewhere on the computer and run it.

Connection type = ssh

We need the hostname or ip of the raspberry pi. This is likely:


press open

If its worked you'll get a security warning, just press yes and then the black terminal console should appear.

User is: root

Pass is: raspberry

You have now logged into the terminal and ready to setup the Pi for the weather job, go to my page here to continue

If you didn't manage to connect

Assuming the Pi has been setup and is working properly.

This is because the hostname is not working. We need to find the IP address of the Pi and use that.

If you know how to log into your router, you might be able to find the list of IP/DHCP leases in there and see the IP of the Pi there.

It will likely be 192.168.something.something

Failing that you could use ipscan.exe to scan your local subnet and give you a list of devices on the network. Use google. Or email me for help from my weather station page


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