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Rolleston Park Wiki

Here is some how tos I've written. The process has been tested, some computer knowledge will be needed, but not alot.

I'm not an expert, as I'm a farmer from the Midlands in England. However if you need some extra help then email me from the address on my weather station page and I'll try and help out.

Prepare a Raspberry Pi for install of WeeWx

Setup a WeeWx Weather Station

Scheduled WeeWx backup

Android app for use with WeeWx weather station

Reduce SD card wear with WeeWx

Useful commands for WeeWx

Setup a WeeWx Weather Station on Arch Linux

Useful stuff for WeeWx

How to setup the Steel Gauges on WeeWx

My Weather Station

Set a timed power off with NUT UPS and pfsense

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